How much do you know about China's self-developed gearbox?

It has been 60 years since China faw was put into operation in 1956 and opened the curtain on China's modern automobile industry. Over the years, there is no denying that China's auto industry and the world are still far apart, but they are progressing rapidly. From the early stage of learning from other people's technology, to today more and more Chinese brand car companies pay attention to original design and forward research and development. All these indicate that Chinese brands are developing continuously. Today, we mainly talk about the domestic transmission of the transmission history. Buy the cause of the manual is not have two: one is a manual car prices are lower, and simple structure not what big trouble, for most families, the first car affordable to use. Second, some rivals move in the pursuit of "manual powder". Although the proportion of manual block models in China has been declining gradually in recent years according to the sales statistics of China automobile association, it is still not a small number considering the huge market in China. Because the manual transmission structure is simple and mature, the structure of triaxial (intermediate shaft) and two shafts (no intermediate shaft) has been established. Although the structural principle is simple, at first the domestic car can only rely on the gearbox of the joint venture of shenyang mitsubishi, tangshan aixin and nanjing iveco. Because gear, bearings and other precision components still need to be imported, "controlled by the people" taste is really bad. However, the rise of Chinese brands is not always a industry stands alone, but need a large number of related fields of flowers, now domestic manual transmission has been completely with independent manufacturing capacity, which including zhejiang china-malaysia supporting (Great Wall), chongqing blue Diane (supporting lifan cars) and so on one batch of private rising star. So far, Chinese cars have solved the problem of the gearbox from scratch, but then there is a "heart disease", the automatic gearbox, which still has no cure.